Vidya Sagar Sharma working with Sagar Foundation with honestly as I know that my life is a gift of God .when anything we received as a gift then we have no authority over it. whenever I think about my past life when I was taking drugs and wants to die because I was disappointed I saw a dark future of my life. I was completely fired and my mental and physical condition was detonated day by day so I thought my life is too short because I could not leave the drugs and I am going toward the blind well. At the same time, I feel that my life is incomplete without drugs. Now AIM of my life to help the people who are suffering from the same addictions or compulsions.

Combined with its core knowledge and devoted doctors, “Sagar Foundation” a Drug counseling & rehabilitation center a registered Non-profitable organisation (NGO) has been effectively able to transform the lives of addicted patients. Menace of Alcohol consumption in our society does not only ruin the drunkard’s house but also spreads badness around the society. With the objective of eradicating such dreadful disease, we serve the people with our helping hands to lead a happy life after getting rid of addiction of Gutkha, Smoking, Alcohol, Ganja/ Charas/ Afim, and Injection/ Drugs.

Till now, large numbers of addicted people are benefited from our dedicated efforts. Being a service-oriented center, we are actively engaged in offering 100% safe and effective Injection/medicines at the lowest prices. Prepared carefully using selected herbs of ancient Ayurveda Formula, our medicines are easy to consume and after few dodges, the addicted person never wishes to have Alcohol, Gutkha, Smoking, Injection/ Drugs, and Ganja/ Charas/ Afim.


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